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Breast Surgery

The evaluation and treatment of a breast problem can be very complex and requires the expertise of the specialized and dedicated team found at Baystate Medical Center (BMC).

BMC’s Division of Breast Surgery provides dedicated breast surgeons who are up to date with the latest information and skills involved in the evaluation and management of breast abnormalities, such as a breast mass, breast pain or abnormal breast imaging. We work with radiology and the pathology lab during the evaluation of a breast problem. In the patient with a diagnosis of breast cancer, our surgeons work closely with medical oncology and radiation oncology to create a truly multidisciplinary integrated approach to treatment.

Our dedicated breast surgeons continuously strive to advance the care of breast patients in the Pioneer Valley. They use all available imaging modalities, such as:

  • digital mammography,
  • breast ultrasound, and
  • breast MRI

when appropriate to provide the information necessary to optimize surgical options. We are proponents of minimally invasive biopsies prior to surgery to empower patients to make fully informed decisions concerning their care.

The introduction of radioactive seed localization has enhanced the surgical options for the patient who requires surgery for the removal of a tumor that cannot be identified on physical exam.

Read the Radioactive Seed Localization patient guide.

We also believe that appropriate care of a breast problem, whether a benign mass or a cancer, can be combined with a respect for the cosmetic appearance of the breast. Our surgeons utilize techniques of “oncoplastics” to allow for larger surgeries with less visual impact on the breast itself. We We work closely with plastic surgeons and promote the concept of breast reconstruction for the mastectomy patient.

In our efforts to strive towards breast care excellence, we participate in the American Society of Breast Surgeons Mastery of Surgery program as well as follow the guidelines of the Baystate Health Breast Network.

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