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Department of Medicine


759 Chestnut Street, S2570
Springfield, MA 01199

Welcome from the Chair

Dr. Andrew ArtensteinWe pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, patient-centered care, and on being a nationally recognized leader in medical education.  The Department consists of 13 subspecialty divisions comprising over 160 physician specialists and 80 advanced practice clinicians.

We educate more than 100 residents and fellows every year; our internal medicine residency is one of a select few in the U.S. to receive the prestigious Educational Innovations Program designation.  As the western campus of Tufts University School of Medicine, we educate dozens of medical students annually.  Our faculty and residents are actively pursuing medical research that is transforming the way in which we deliver healthcare to the communities we serve.

I invite you to learn about more about our education and research activities.  I am confident you will discover the richness and quality that define the Baystate Health Department of Medicine.


View recent Department of Medicine publications in the Scholarly Commons database.

Education Programs



Hany S. Aziz, MD

James R. Cook, MD, MPH

Marshal T. Fox, MD

Gregory R. Giugliano, MD, SM

William A. Harbison, MD

William L. Hiser, MD

Ashequl Islam, MD

Leng Jiang, MD

John M. Joelson, MD

Shantilal N. Kenia, MD

James B. Kirchhoffer, MD

Aaron D. Kugelmass, MD, Chief

Amir Lotfi, MD

Thomas M. Marantz, MD

Lisa Massie, MD

Quinn Russell Pack, MD, MSc 

Peter F. Robinson, MD

Mara T. Slawsky, MD, PhD

Mathias L. Stoenescu, MD

Gregory Valania, MD

Thomas R. Weil, MD

Stephen M. Wittenberg, MD

John M. Zeroogian, MD

John F. Zimmerman, MD  

Critical Care Medicine

Ernest K. DiNino, MD

Mary Jo S. Farmer, MD, PhD

Puncho Gurung, MBBS

Thomas Higgins, MD

Patrick Mailloux, DO

William T. McGee, MD

Abigail Orenstein, MD, MPH

Jay S. Steingrub, MD

Mark Tidswell, MD, Interim Chief

Bogdan Tiru, MD  


David Barzilai, MD, PhD

Paul F. Curtis, MD

Peter T. Demos, MD

Stanley F. Glazer, MD

Rachel A. Ivker, MD

Ronald S. Nadel, MD

Nadine P. Wenner, MD  

Endocrine and Diabetes

Robert J. Cooper, MD

Jeffrey M. Korff, MD

Donna L. Mercado, MD

John Nicasio, DO

Ibitoro Osakwe, MD, Chief

Vasantha G. Reddy, MD

Nagendra Yadava, PhD  


David Desilets, MD, PhD, Chief

Paul S. Farkas, MD

Rony M. Ghaoui, MD

David R. Kalman, MD 

Kenneth P. Koenigs, MD

Vaibhav Mehendiratta, MBBS

David L. Pleet, MD 

Rohit Singhania, MBBS, MS

Barry E. Slitzky, MD  

General Medicine

Aroosa Alam, MD

Glenn F. Alli, MD

Sudeep Kaur Aulakh, MD

Andrew H. Balder, MD

David A. Ballan, MD

Jonathan L. Bayuk, DO

Raquel K. Belforti, DO

Evan M. Benjamin, MD

Rebecca D. Blanchard, PhD, MEd

Elizabeth Boyle, MD

Christine L. Bryson, DO

Jay S. Burton, DO

Linda Canty, MD

Jeffrey R. Cossin, MD

Carlos M. Flores, MD

Jennifer Friderici, MSPH

Jonna I. Gaberman, MD

Katherine S. Gerstle, MD

Philip T. Glynn, MD

Sarah L. Goff, MD

Grace May D. Goncero, MD

Audrey Guhn, MD

Kevin T. Hinchey, MD

Deborah Hoadley, MD

Satoko Igarashi, MD

Barry Z. Izenstein, MD

Kirti Joshi, MBBS, MD

Craig E. Kannel, MD

Nikolaus Kashey, MD

Alexander B. Knee, MS

Christopher R. LaChance, MD

Tara Lagu, MD, MPH

Thomas Lincoln, MD

Peter K. Lindenauer, MD, MSc

Xiao Jie Liu, MD, PhD

Gina Luciano, MD

Navneet Marwaha, MD

Robert P. McGovern, MD

Lauren B. Meade, MD

Mohamed A. Mohamed, MD

James L. Mugford, MD

Sivakumar Natanasabapathy, MD

Jeffrey J. Ochs, MD

Jasmine Paadam, MBBS, MD

John F. Peluso Jr., MD

Randolph R. Peto, MD, MPH

Michael S. Picchioni, MD

Alfred C. Piel, MD

Yekatherine Rasmussen, MD

Carol J. Richardson, MD

Michael J. Rosenblum, MD

Stephen J. Ryzewicz, MD

Jeffrey Scavron, MD

Alan L. Schneyer, PhD

Adrianne Seiler, MD

Arminder Singh, MD

Roy I. Sittig, MD

Ingrid E. Statz, MD

Mihaela S. Stefan, MD

Linie S. Thomas, DO

Vishal Tiwari, MBBS, MD

Orlando L. Torres MD

Noraymar Torres-Muniz, MD

Paul F. Visintainer, PhD

Sharon Wretzel, MD

Dorothea S. von Goeler, MD, MPH

Geriatrics, Palliative Care and Post-Acute Medicine

Maura J Brennan, MD, Chief

Wanda Colon-Cartagena, MD, MPH

Heidi-Ann Courtney, PA-C

Diane L. Dietzen, MD

Laura Iglesias Lino, MD

Rebecca S. Starr, MD  

Hematology Oncology

Syed S Ali, MD

Armen Asik, MD

Lucinda Cassells, MD

Leslie Howard, MD

Deborah Katz, MD

Chandravathi Loke, MD

Grace Makari-Judson, MD

John McCann, MD

Wilson Mertens, MD

Thomas W. Napier, MD

Richard Steingart, MD

James A. Stewart, MD, Chief  

Infectious Diseases

Andrew W. Artenstein, MD, Department Chair

Richard B. Brown, MD

Eric V. Granowitz, MD

Sarah D. Haessler, MD

Neil Kudler, MD

Julius Larioza, MD

Claire E. Magauran, MD

Jose A. Martagon-Villamil, MD

Claudia T. Martorell, MD, MPH

Armando Paez, MD

Jennifer J. Schimmel, MD

Daniel J. Skiest, MD, Chief

Durane K. Walker, MD  


Gregory L. Braden, MD, Chief

Arley Diaz, MD

Benjamin J. Freda, DO

Michael J. Germain, MD

Barbara A. Greco, MD

Daniel L. Landry, DO

Jeffrey G. Mulhern, MD

Michael H. O'Shea, MD

Anthony E. Poindexter, MD

David M. Poppel, MD

Jonathan Slater, MD

Stephen Sweet, MD

Jiuming Ye, MD  


Rani U. Athreya, MD

George D. Baquis, MD

Benjamin Barnes, MD

Edward Feldmann, MD, Chief

Ian Goldsmith, MD

Meghan Hickey, MBBS, Ch

William J. House, MD

Philip S. Hsu, MD

Anthony H. Jackson, MD

Karin G. Johnson, MD

Emilio M. Melchionna, MD

Michael H. Rosen, MD, PhD

Anant Shenoy, MD

Michael R. Sorrell, MD  

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Scott R. Cooper, MD

Julio A. Martinez-Silvestrini, MD

Barry Rodstein, MD, MPH, Chief

Nicholas T. Spellman, MD  


Gerald M. Green, MD

Douglas C. Johnson, MD

John N. Landis, MD, Chief

Sybille M. Liautaud, MD

Thirupaimaruth Krishnan Raman, MD  


Christine Evanchick, MD

Scott Halista, MD, Chief

C. Bruce Tallman, MD