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Division of Health Care Quality

The Baystate Medical Center Division of Healthcare Quality (DHQ) ensures that patients receive the highest quality and most efficient healthcare in the safest possible manner by:

  • Identifying and improving quality of care measures
  • Coordinating quality and performance improvement activities, such as:
  • Patient safety practices
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Delivering high quality, population-based care.
  • Documenting and reporting quality and safety results data.
  • Conducting research into ways to improve Baystate quality of care and patient safety through the Center for Quality of Care Research.
  • Applying research to support performance improvement methods, such as:
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Benchmarking databases
  • Safety reporting system.
  • Tracking Baystate's accreditations, awards and ratings.

Contact Us

Division of Healthcare Quality

Lori Anderson Executive Assistant to Vice President, Medical Affairs 413-794-3873
Evan M. Benjamin, MD Sr. VP, Healthcare Quality and Population Health & Chief Quality Officer 413-794-2527
Stephanie Calcasola, RN Director, Quality & Medical Management 413-794-2531
Lori Cohen Clinical Outcomes & Business Manager 413-794-5763
Alice Ehresman, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-4254
Patricia Humiston, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist (RRT) 413-794-0194
Jodi Kashouh, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist (NSQIP and STAAR) 413-794-3248
Sean Lavalley, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-7599
Holly Maciolek, RN Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-1690
Kathleen Mahoney, MD Medical Director 413-794-2153
 Jonathan McGeoghan
 Data Analyst
Deborah Naglieri-Prescod, PhD Quality Coordinator 413-794-8832
Barbara Niemiec, RN Lead Healthcare Quality Specialist 413-794-7690
Lisa Nolan Executive Assistant to Senior Vice President, Healthcare Quality and Population Health & Chief Quality Officer 413-794-2527
Nancy Remillard Staff Assistant, Director, Quality & Medical Management 413-794-4285
 Laura Rioux
 Data Analyst
Carlo Ronca Data Analyst 413-794-1349
Doug Salvador, MD Vice President, Medical Affairs 413-794-0177

Center for Quality and Care Research

Sarah Goff, MD Research Scientist 413-794-6394
Haley Guhn-Knight Clinical Research Assistant 413-7947892
Anu Joshi Clinical Research Coordinator 413-794-2205
Tara Lagu, MD Research Scientist 413-794-7688
Peter Lindenauer, MD Medical Director 413-794-5987
Xiaoxia Liu Biostatistician 413-794-7601
Lorna Murphy Clinical Research Assistant 413-794-7785
Quinn Pack, MD Research Scientist 413-794-2205
Penelope Pekow, PhD Senior Biostatistician Consultant 413-794-9863
Aruna Priya Biostatistician 413-794-7720
Nathaniel Schreiber Clinical Research Assistant 413-794-2205
Amy Shatz Clinical Research Coordinator 413-794-7601
Meng-Shiou Shieh Biostatistician 413-794-7904
Mihaela Stefan, MD Research Scientist 413-794-6395
Lauren Williams Clinical Research Assistant 413-794-7601

Infection Control

Donna Cipriani, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-8754
Sherri Conway Quality Data Coordinator 413-794-3507
Patricia Daviau, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-5239
 Lisa Lemire, RN
 BRICC Project Manager
Elise Lennon, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-7728
Michele Maryanski, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-2675
Mary Ellen Scales, RN Chief Infection Control Officer 413-794-4782
June St. Georges, RN Infection Control Practitioner 413-794-1804

Performance Improvement Services

Mary Beth Collins, RN Performance Improvement Coordinator 413-794-3658
Susan Forys, RN Clinical System Administrator 413-794-3654
Karen Johnson, RN Director, Performance Improvement Services 413-794-3647
Judy Richardson, RN Performance Improvement Coordinator 413-794-1025
Diane Tillman, RN
Performance Improvement Coordinator 413-794-4256

Process Improvement Services

Tara Browne Executive Assistant to Vice President, Process Improvement 413-794-0272
Angeli Cornish Process Improvement Coordinator 413-794-2153
David Hansen Process Improvement Coordinator 413-794-3573
Doug Neal Vice President, Process Improvement 413-794-0272